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About Change 101

Change 101 is an online network and series of online courses developed and hosted by Kindling, a 501c3 nonprofit. Through weekly lessons and exercises, Change 101 helps you harness your genius, declare your unique purpose, and focus your efforts where you will have the greatest impact and fulfillment. Everyone has a vital role to play in change. We help you find, claim, and live yours.

The curriculum is designed to inspire and support:

  • Attitude shift: Develop and practice a change mindset

  • Self-discovery: Declare your values, strengths, and purpose

  • Self-design: Establish your own unique change plan

  • Knowledge & skills: Understand challenges and develop meaningful, lasting solutions through a systems lens

  • Leadership: Launch and support meaningful change initiatives with authenticity, intention, and awareness

About The Path of Purpose

The Path of Purpose: A Guide for Aspiring Change Agents is Change 101's first and flagship course. It offers a foundation in key concepts such as genius, purpose, change, change agency, emergence, and more. It is for anyone who wants to help build a brighter future yet perhaps feels powerless, overwhelmed, weary, or lost.

Through it, you will:

  1. Uncover and claim your core values and areas of genius

  2. Develop a personal purpose statement that guides you along your right path

  3. Let go of roles and responsibilities not aligned with your purpose, so that you have the time, space, and energy you need to be your most fulfilled and impactful

Join us! Spark your genius. Ignite change.

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